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Up to 30 Mbps Internet. From space.

Viasat Internet is now offered by Packerland Broadband.
We'd be happy to get you set up with the best Internet possible. You can call us any time at 906-632-1820, or read on for more information.

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Have you been stuck with slow, low-quality Internet? Viasat Internet from Packerland Broadband is available almost anywhere, and enables you to do all the things you love online!

  • Shopping
  • Email
  • Connecting with Friends
  • Work and School activities
  • Sharing photos and videos
  • Streaming shows and movies in HD*
  • Downloading apps and updates
  • Checking the latest scores
Super Fast

You won't miss that old buffering icon. With Viasat Internet, your favorite shows and movies will stream in a flash, even in HD*!

Worry-free Wireless

Don't worry about picking the right equipment. We offer a fully supported wireless router to complement our high speed connections.


Need help with your Viasat Internet connection? We're available 24/7 to offer free technical support. Plus, we're local!

Viasat Speed

Packerland Broadband offers Viasat packages featuring download speeds up to 30 Mbps, which is 10 times faster than 3 Mbps DSL!

Dial-Up (56 Kbps)

DSL (3 Mbps)

Wisconsin Average Broadband Speed (17 Mbps*)

National Average Broadband Speed (19 Mbps**)

Viasat Internet at 30 Mbps

* Wisconsin Average Broadband Speed
** National Average Broadband Speed

Viasat Pricing

Unlimited Bronze 12

Get the 12 Mbps Bronze package and say goodbye to long load times. Great for email, social media, and more!


Unlimited Silver 25

Get the 25 Mbps Silver package and say goodbye to long load times. Perfect for streaming SD video and downloading apps and updates!


Unlimited Gold 30

Stream in HD*, and enjoy fast speeds even if several devices are connected at once!


How fast is Viasat?
In just 60 seconds on 30 Mbps Viasat Internet, you could download...







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*HD streaming ability may be impacted from time to time. Please be aware that HD video consumes a large amount of data.

**All Viasat plans allow unlimited data on a monthly basis, but consuming a large amount of data may result in slower Internet speeds until the next billing period. Bronze plan customers may experience slower speeds after downloading 40 GB in one month. Silver plan customers may experience slower speeds after downloading 60 GB in one month. Gold plan customers may experience slower speeds after downloading 100 GB in one month.